The Apple Watch, with its calorie counting, heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking and a whole host of other features is an incredibly attractive smartwatch option. The way that the watch integrates with the iPhone, particularly if you buy the cellular version, is incredible. But what if you don’t have an iPhone? Google has been virtually non-existent in the smartwatch market so far. There are some other third-party smartwatches built for Android but they’ve received mixed reviews at best. In terms of functionality, features and general usefulness, the Apple Watch wins every time. Is there a way that you can connect it to Samsung, even if you sacrifice some of the features?

Are Apple and Android Compatible?

Unfortunately, the short answer is no. In order to set up the Apple Watch, you need to download the Apple Watch app which is only available on iPhone. Without this, you won’t even be able to access the time on your Apple Watch. However, there are a few ways around it.

How To Get Around It

First of all, if your friend’s phone is unlocked and will accept any network SIM card then you coudl put your SIM in their iPhone and pair your app to that phone to set it up and link cellular to your SIM card. You will then have a standalone Apple Watch and it does work, but you’re never going to get the full functionality that you would have with an iPhone as well.

The second way around this issue is Apple’s latest update. Apple has announced that they will be adding a new feature to the watch called “Family Setup”. This feature will allow multiple users to set up their Apple Watches using only one iPhone. The idea behind this new feature is that even if a family member isn’t fully interested in Apple, they can have a smartwatch and hopefully decide to buy an iPhone later on down the line. This may allow you to use a friend’s phone to set up your Apple Watch, but they will likely have access to all of your data and until the app is released there’s no way of telling if it will work, so don’t buy an Apple Watch just yet.

While this lack of Android integration can seem frustrating it allows Apple to focus on features that work seamlessly within their eco-system. Time will tell if they relax this, but for now you might just need to buy an old iPhone. That said, technology is always changing and adapting and the more consumers tell Apple that there is a need for this there may be well an update in future versions that make it much easier for the two to work together. However, for now, in the most part, they don’t work together and you’ll have to make use of one of the workarounds to make it work.