The ultra-compact, super portable nature of the Apple Watch leaves us often wishing to leave the bulk of the iPhone at home if we don’t specifically need it. A morning run is a perfect time to listen to music without the bulk of an iPhone and a lack of pockets to spoil the experience.

Listening to music on your Apple Watch is entirely possible, but without a paired Apple iPhone within Bluetooth range, you will not be able to answer calls or texts unless you have a cellular model. You will also need Bluetooth enabled headphones or earbuds to listen to music.

The storage is limited on the Apple Watch, although 8GB is available in total, only 2GB of this storage is available for storing music, enough for approximately 500 music tracks.

Whether you have a GPS or a Cellular Model will be crucial in understanding how to play music on your apple watch. If you’re wondering what the difference is, you can check out our blog post: Apple Watch Cellular vs GPS: What’s The Difference?

How To Play Music on Your Apple Watch: Playing Locally Stored Music

If you have a GPS only model and want to play music from your Apple Watch Without your iPhone nearby, you’ll first have to add some music to your Watches storage.

Simply, open the Watch app on your iPhone then select the music option. You are able to set limits on the number of tracks or total storage capacity. Once you have set these limits you are able to choose a playlist to sync with your Apple Watch.

If the playlist is longer in tracks, or file size, not all tracks will be transferred. To avoid this situation, playlists can be created using the playlist limit settings to control the number of tracks and their size.

When you choose to sync your playlist, is up to you, but it can be a lengthy process. So carrying this out whilst the Apple Watch is charging overnight may be advisable.

How To Play Music on Your Apple Watch: Streaming Music

If you have a Cellular Apple Watch, you can use the above method as well as having the option to stream directly to your Apple Watch. This is possible because your watch has its own independent connection to the internet and so can stream via Apple Music, Spotify or any other third party music streaming service.

To do this, it’s as simple as setting up your choice of music streaming service and then selecting what you want to listen to.

Playing Music on Your Apple Watch Using Bluetooth or Headphones

First, you will need to set your headphones or earbuds to pairing mode. Then on your Apple Watch, open the Settings app, go to the Bluetooth setting, where your headphones should now be visible. These need to be selected, then one final step is to select the music source within the Apple Watch.

On the Apple Watch open the music app and then force touch, by touching then slightly pressing on the phone screen to show all options. Once showing, you need to change the source from the iPhone to the Apple Watch.

That’s it; you are now able to enjoy music on the go – Just like an iPod, but straight from your Apple Watch!

The Benefits of Playing Music on Your Apple Watch

The convenience of this system is excellent, with so little bulk and as those of us with Apple Watches tend to wear them often, the only extra thing you will need are headphones. These are now, especially with earbuds, very easy to store in your pocket.

Just be careful if you’re out and about listening to music, be sure to stay safe.