What’s the difference between an Apple Watch Series 7 and an Apple Watch Series 6?

It can be hard to keep track of all the different Apple Watch models available. Do you want a Series 7 or a Series 6? What’s the difference? Is one better than the other? In this blog post, we’ll break it all down for you and help you decide which Apple Watch is right for you. Happy reading!

Design & Display – What You Need To Know

Most of the differences in design and display are subtle however the biggest difference is the size. For the release of The Series 7 Apple invested a lot of time and development to create a bigger, clearer watch face. The display on the Series 7’s are larger and come in two sizes; a 41mm face and a 45mm face. This compares to the Series 6’s 40mm and 44mm.

Another change in the display is the bezels, not massively noticeable if you were to wear both at the same time, but the Series 7 has a 40% thinner bezel which gives it a more of a wraparound look and feel. The overall face is also slightly more rounded. Again, not massively different to its predecessor, however a nice touch.

Both the Series 7 and Series 6 come with an Always On Retina Display, however Apple claim that the Series 7 is 70% brighter in an indoor environment. In our opinion, whilst it’s definitely brighter indoors, the Series 6 is equally as good.

If you’re into the many faces on an Apple Watch then the Series 7 is for you because the contour face is incredibly cool!

Which Watch Is More Durable?

The durability of the two is a tough one to call. The Series 7 has a thicker front crystal display which is designed to be stronger and even more crack resistant than the Series 6 model. Both are made with aluminium casing and are water-resistant up to 50m. One slightly bigger change is the addition of the IP6X dust-tight certification on the Series 7 which is a completely new addition. We’ve done our research and unless you’re travelling to extremely dirty or dusty locations, you’re likely going to be fine with the Series 6.

Based on these slight changes, we would say that the Series 7 is more durable but for day-to-day use, a Series 6 will be more than sufficient.

Key Differences In Features

With new Apple Watches, we have come to expect some sizable changes in terms of features. However with the Apple Watch Series 7 it seems that there was more of a focus on build rather than new features. There are no big differences in the fitness capabilities of a Series 7 that won’t be present in the Series 6 as part of a software update (watchOS 8).

There is however one notable change that a lot of industry pros have had on their Christmas list for some time, which is the full QWERTY keyboard which thanks to the bigger screen is actually usable. You’re not going to write a letter home on it, but for quick responses to messages, it’s perfect.

Difference In Styles

There are some slight changes in colours and styles with the Series 7 but if you like the classic colours then there’s not a whole lot that differentiates it from its predecessor.

Series 7 Colours

  • Aluminium models come in: Blue, Green, Midnight, Product(RED) and Starlight
  • Stainless steel models come in: Gold, Graphite and Silver
  • Titanium models come in: Space black and Silver

Series 6 Colours

  • Aluminium models come in: Blue, Gold, Product(RED), Silver and Space Grey
  • Stainless steel models come in: Gold, Graphite and Silver
  • Titanium models come in: Space black and Silver

Is There A Difference In Performance?

Whilst Apple illuded to a completely new chip in the Series 7 calling it the S7, they also acknowledged that it’s actually just the same chip as in the S6, but with some improvements so nothing revolutionary here. From our road test of many Series 7’s and Series 6’s we have noticed the Series 7’s to be quicker however that doesn’t mean that the Series 6 doesn’t pack a punch.

Big Differences In Battery Life (and Charging)

This is where the big difference is. Whilst the battery in the Series 7 Apple Watch hasn’t actually changed – you’ll still get around 18 hours battery-life from the Series 7 and the Series 6 the big change has come to the charging capability. The Series 7 has Fast Charging capabilities meaning it will charge 33% faster than it’s predecessor. If you’re looking to an Apple Watch to be your daily companion either will be fine, however, if sleep tracking is important to you then the Series 7 should have you covered. Apple claims that with the Series 7, just eight minutes Fast-Charge will cover eight hours of sleep tracking. Read more about Apple Watch Battery Life in our ultimate guide.

If you’re in the market to upgrade your Apple Watch, the Series 7 is definitely an option to consider. The only real difference between it and the Series 6 is that the Series 7 has fast charging capabilities – so if battery life is important to you, that might be a deciding factor.

One of the best things about buying refurbished products is that you can often get newer models at a fraction of the price – so if you’re looking to upgrade to the latest model, buying refurbished may be your best bet. Head over to our shop today and check out all of our available Apple Watches – including the Series 7!