How to set up Apple Pay on an Apple Watch

Whether you’ve just made the dive into the smart-watch market or are considering buying a refurbished Apple Watch, it’s worthwhile to know about Apple Pay.

From the launch of the first Apple Watch, users have always had access to a huge variety of features that aren’t available on other smart-watches. While smart-watches had been around for a while, Apple’s offering was still completely innovative. This trend has continued with more and more features being added to the Apple Watch as time has gone on. Possibly one of the best features that’s available to Apple Watch users is Apple Pay, but what is it and how do you set it up?

A Quick Look at Apple Pay

Initially, Apple launched Apple Pay to a slightly sceptical audience, but it’s gone from strength to strength. Apple Pay essentially links your bank card and device which means you can use your Apple Watch or iPhone like a contactless card in many supermarkets, restaurants and shops. The spend cap applies on your phone the same as it does on your card. With Apple Pay available on the Apple Watch, you only need to touch your wrist to the card reader to make a payment.

Using Apple Pay with Your Apple Watch – Initial Set Up

In order to use a card on Apple Pay through your watch you will need to add the card in the Watch app, even if this card is already set up for Apple Pay on your phone, you still have to carry out this step.

Adding a card is simple, just follow the below steps;

  1. Open the Watch app on your phone
  2. Tap on your watch
  3. Go into the Wallet and Apple Pay section of the settings
    1. Top Tip; If you have a card on your phone you will see partial details there – tap add next to the card you want to add and you will be asked to enter the security code to verify the card for use
  4. Touch add card and then enter the details

Your bank may want to verify your identity when you set the card up, but after this you should be able to use Apple Pay with no issues. If you have more than one card remember to select your default card in the Wallet and Apple Pay menu in the Watch app.

Once you’ve added a card in the Watch app you will be able to make payments from your Apple Watch without needing to get your card out.

How to use Apple Pay on an Apple Watch whilst on the go

When it comes to actually paying using your watch, it’s really simple.

  • Double click the crown (the button on the side) – you’ll see an on-screen notification
    • Top Tip: If you have more than one card you will be asked to choose which you would like to use.
  • Hold your Apple Watch within a few centimetres of the contactless card reader with the screen facing the reader.
  • Once you feel a gentle vibration and hear a beep when the transaction has been completed.
  • You will also receive a notification in the notification centre to confirm that the transaction has successfully been completed.

There is no doubt that the Apple Watch is revolutionary; with every newly released feature it improves and the addition of Apple Pay to your watch is no exception!