How to Turn Up the Brightness on an Apple Watch

Apple Watches are a brilliant piece of technology. With the ability to set up and connect to your iPhone with very little effort and a whole host of features like exercise tracking, heart rate monitoring, step counter and an entire App Store of add on apps and support to choose from it’s no wonder that the Apple Watch has become one of the bestselling smart-watches of all time. However, with so many different features available it can be a little difficult to find even the simplest of settings in between all of the noise of the other functions. So if you’re struggling to find out how to turn the brightness up on your Apple Watch, don’t worry – you’re definitely not the only one! Keep reading to find out how.

The Different Ways You Can Turn Up The Brightness

There are actually several ways to change the brightness on your Apple Watch. First of all, from the home screen (the page with all of your apps in circles) click on the settings app. Scroll down a little using either your finger or the crown on the side of your watch to the option that says “brightness and text size” and touch it to open. When the next menu opens you will see a bar with sun icons on it. If you drag the sun to the left your screen will get darker; if you drag the sun to the right it will get brighter.

Clicking on the sun in the brightness and text size settings adjusts the brightness incrementally which is fine if you want to adjust it quickly, but if you want to be more precise then there is another way. Navigate to the same menu through the settings app, but when you get to the page with the sun icons on, click the brightness option (click the icon on the sliding bar) then rotate the crown on the side of your watch to increase or decrease the brightness. This allows you to change the brightness in smaller increments which may be helpful if you struggle with eyestrain and get caught between two levels of brightness.

How to Turn Up the Brightness on an Apple Watch Using Your Phone

The final way to change the brightness of your Apple Watch’s screen is from the Watch app on your iPhone. This is particularly useful if you find yourself outside and completely unable to see your watch because the screen is dimmed. Open the Watch app on your iPhone and scroll down to brightness and text size. When you open it you will find the same incremental slider as on your watch so you can change the brightness even if you can’t see the screen at all in your current environment.

The Apple Watch is undoubtedly one of the best products that Apple has launched, dominating a huge share of the smartwatch market. With so many features it can be a little difficult to navigate through all of the options but it’s easy once you’ve used your watch for a few weeks.