Ever since the Apple Watch debuted in 2015 it’s been a staple for fitness lovers and tech addicts alike. The simple, sleek design, ease of connectivity with iPhones and multiple data points has made it one of the clear leaders in the smartwatch market. However, there is one thing that makes the Apple Watch stand out and puts it above the competition – cellular connectivity. If you’re looking to find out the difference between, Cellular and GPS Watches, please read our previous blog.

What is Cellular Connectivity On An Apple Watch?

Cellular connectivity allows you to answer phone calls, send texts and use mobile data on your watch, even if you don’t have your phone with you. The revolutionary technology means that you can go out for a walk or run and leave your phone at home, rather than wondering where to put it. Your exercise will be tracked, and if you get any messages you’re able to reply on the go.

How Does A Cellular Apple Watch Work?

The Cellular Apple Watch works by having something called an E-SIM – it’s part of the watch itself so you don’t have to buy a SIM card for your watch as well as your phone.

The E-SIM works by transferring your phone plan onto your watch so both will use the same data, minutes and messaging allowances. To set it up, you will have to contact your network provider as sometimes there’s a surcharge for linking your phone plan with your watch.

When you first get your watch you will also need to download the Apple Watch app and pair it to your phone using Bluetooth. Once that’s done, go to “cellular” in settings then follow the directions on the screen to set up cellular connectivity.

Making Use of Your Apple Watches Cellular Connection

Once you’ve set up your Apple Watch for use with cellular, it will constantly look for the best connection. If you have your phone with you then it will connect to your phone. If you’ve left your phone at home it will look for Wifi that you’ve previously connected to and if there isn’t Wi-Fi available either then it will use your cellular plan.

This type of technology is popular with runners and people who want to be active but also contactable without the need to carry a large phone around with them all the time. An Apple Watch gives them enough connectivity to allow them to keep in touch with the world without hindering their ability to exercise.

While there’s no doubt that the Apple Watch cellular model is an incredible piece of technology, there are a few caveats. Using cellular will drain the Apple Watch battery much faster than when it’s connected to your phone, so make sure that you turn it off if you’re concerned about your watch switching off. (You can read more about Apple Watch Battery Life in our ultimate guide). Secondly, the Apple Watch is region-specific and won’t connect to any local network like with the iPhone, so if you’re on holiday you need to make sure you take your phone with you. Other than that, the cellular Apple Watch model is absolutely a revolution and should be on your list to buy.