Gadget Check Guarantee

What we could tell you

We could tell you about our expansive team of technicians, we could tell you how we check every aspect of every gadget, we could tell you about our 100+ checklist and detail everything step. But we know that what you want to know, is that when you buy from us, the device you get is working, safe and looks great. That’s why we work on a simple three-point checklist.

Here for your peace of mind

  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 12 Month Warranty

Our Simple 3 Point Checklist

From powering on and off through to connecting to networks, mics, speakers, cameras and everything in between. Oh, and batteries, we thoroughly check every battery. We know how important battery life is which is why we never sell anything that has a battery life that’s under 80%

In essence, we check devices for your protection and ours. We check to see if it’s lost or stolen as well as if there’s outstanding finance, whether it’s been cloned or whether it’s locked to someone else’s account.

We answer the questions, does it look okay and feel as it should? Think scratches, cracks, water damage and camera checks. We take this into consideration when grading our tech.

Want to see the full 100+ checklist? Click here