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Buying Refurbished iPad Air tablets at Gadget GoGo

If you’re looking for an excellent deal on a refurbished iPad or iPad Air, you could be in the right place. At Gadget GoGo, you can buy refurbished iPad Air devices that offer massive savings without compromising on performance or quality. Our refurbished iPads are meticulously inspected, tested, and certified by our expert technicians, ensuring they are just as good as new. Experience the same cutting-edge features and reliability of a brand-new iPad Air at a fraction of the cost when you choose our top-notch refurbished options.

Why choose a refurbished iPad Air over a new Apple iPad Air?

There are a number of reasons to choose a refurbished iPad Air over a new model.

  1. The price – buying a refurbished iPad Air means spending a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious shoppers.
  2. Environmentally friendly decision – choosing a refurbished or second hand iPad Air from us is an environmentally friendly decision. By purchasing a pre-owned gadget that has undergone rigorous testing, you actively contribute to reducing electronic waste. This sustainable choice helps promote a greener future and minimises the number of devices that end up in landfill every year.

The journey of our refurbished Apple iPad Air tablets

At Gadget GoGo, we take our refurbishment process seriously. The journey of a refurbished Apple iPad Air begins with thorough testing to ensure it functions flawlessly, meeting the high standards we set. We test everything you’d expect, such as the screen and Wi-Fi capabilities, as well as lots you wouldn’t expect.

Once tested, each iPad undergoes rigorous cleaning, ensuring they look and feel as good as new. Following the cleaning process, the iPads are graded based on their cosmetic condition. We have three conditions, which are Good, Very Good and Excellent. Every device we sell works precisely as it should but is graded based on any marks, scratches or other wear and tear.

Many customers choose to buy used iPad Air devices from us because of our thorough testing and our reputation. We’re a trusted source with a proven track record in refurbishing Apple products. With years of experience, we have earned the confidence of our customers by delivering top-notch refurbished tech at great prices.

Quality assurance with a 12-month product warranty

At Gadget GoGo, we’re so confident in our meticulous testing and refurbishment process that you’ll receive a 12 month warranty with every sale.

But that’s not all. We offer a free 14-day money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase within the first 14 days, you can return it hassle-free for a full refund.

And to make your shopping experience even more convenient, we provide free next-day delivery on all orders, so there’ll be no need to wait for lengthy shipping times to get your hands on your new device.

With our comprehensive warranty, money-back guarantee, and fast, free delivery, we ensure that our customers receive not only top-notch refurbished devices but also an unmatched buying experience.

FAQs when you shop refurbished iPad Air

Is it ok to buy an iPad Air 2?2023-08-03T12:19:45+01:00

Yes, it is perfectly fine to buy an iPad Air 2. All of our devices are tested and cleaned to ensure they’re in perfect working order before we sell them.

How long will an iPad Air last?2023-08-03T12:19:01+01:00

According to various online sources, including Zendesk, an iPad Air has a lifespan of around 5-6 years.

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