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Refurbished Apple Watch Series 5

Buying a refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 is the best way to save your hard-earned money. The Series 5 was the sixth-generation model of the Apple Watch series and was released in 2019 and received many positive reviews from critics. It was the first model to have the always-on display which was welcomed by many. If you’re looking to buy a cheap Apple Watch Series 5 then buying refurbished is a great way to secure a great deal.

Second Hand Apple Watch Series 5

All of our Apple Watch Series 5 models are used but buying second-hand doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice elsewhere. We have trained Series 5 experts that test every single watch we sell. We even offer a 14-day money-back guarantee with every piece of refurbished tech we sell because we’re so confident you’ll be pleased.

Cheap Apple Watch Series 5 Refurbished Deals

Looking for a cheap Apple Watch Series 5? Well, you’re in luck because if you buy with us, you could save hundreds. We’re confident that you’ll be impressed with our refurbished Series 5 models that we offer a free 12-month warranty and free next-day delivery to make sure that when you place your order, your tech is with you as soon as possible. Every one of our Apple Watch Series 5s are priced based on condition and are noted as Excellent, Very Good and Good.  You can find out more about our grading, here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying A Refurbished Apple Watch Series 5

Is The Apple Watch Series 5 Waterproof?2021-07-01T14:45:05+01:00

Yes. The Apple Watch Series 5 is waterproof up to 50m. It takes a lot to keep Apple Watch dry, but with a Series 5 that shouldn’t stop you from making the most of watersports.

If you want to find out more about the specifics, read our blog post: Are Apple Watches Waterproof? Everything You Need To Know

When Did The Apple Watch Series 5 Come Out?2021-06-03T16:53:53+01:00

The Apple Watch Series 5 was unveiled on September 20th, 2019 with an announcement event that took place at Steve Jobs Theatre in Cupertino.

The Apple Watch Series 5 featured a whole new design and advanced features, delivering an unmatched experience of empowerment and freedom from limitations.

The all-new display surface brings novel curved glass and high definition, retina-display to life with High Dynamic Range (HDR). It also packs some serious power due to its S3 Bionic chip that’s up to 70% faster than previous chipsets have enabled improved performance for apps like watchOS 6 Siri Shortcuts™, Walkie Talkie -plus you can now use hand gestures on docked watches while

What’s the difference between an Apple Watch Series 4 and 5?2021-03-25T14:47:41+00:00

There are a few crucial differences between the Apple Watch 4 and 5 but overall, the differences are minimal.

  1. The always-on retina display – possibly the biggest difference, even when your wrist is down, the screen will still be on.
  2. New finishes – the Series 5 is available in an additional finish – ceramic.
  3. A built-in compass – both are solid fitness trackers but the Series 4 doesn’t come with a built-in compass
  4. More built-in storage – useful if you’re an app hoarder.

The battery life along with the look and feel has stayed much the same and both watches will run the same software.

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