Gadgetgogo Warranty policy.

At gadgetgogo we pride ourselves on selecting the very best pre-loved gadgets and devices. It’s a highly competitive market with lots of other sellers and wheeler-dealers out there. What we prize above all, is our absolute commitment to the very best Customer Service.

With that in mind we offer a warranty or guarantee on the Goods we sell. This is broken down into either a 3 month or 12 month warranty depending on the gadget you have bought.

The returns policy will only cover manufacturer’s faults, and does not cover the following:

Damage caused by water damage or any other form of liquid penetration. Damage caused by shock or dropping the product, intentional damage or any other form of obvious mistreatment, physical damage such as cracks or breaks to the glass or case, Faults or damage that may arise due to normal wear and tear (e.g scratches to touchscreen), and Screen burn that has developed over your time of ownership of the device or handset. Also excluded are any improper use of accessories and what we consider by industry standards, to be acceptable battery life use/ depletions.

We also specifically exclude any damage caused by alterations, customisations or attempting to repair or adapt the device by either yourself or a third party, any repairs undertaken by a third party company, any handset or device that has been ‘Jailbroken’ or rooted after its sale to you from us,

Upon examination by our Technical Team or authorised repair Agent, if the device, phone or gadget we have sold to you shows any of the above issues, then we would consider our warranty to be void. These are considered the industry ‘norms’ regarding warranties on new or pre-owned or refurbished electrical goods and your statutory rights are not affected by these conditions.